Polyhedral and Geometric Sculpture Show, Aug 1- Sept 2

Polyhedral and Geometric Sculpture Show

An exhibit by various artists, on display at the Fashion Research Institute, in the Shengri La sims, from Aug 1 to Sept 2.

Artist’s Opening, Friday, August 1, 8-9:30 pm SLT


DAHLIA TRIMBLE is the favorite avatar for a San Diego based Second Life user since mid 2006. She enjoys challenging puzzles and building and scripting unique objects. She is active in several scripting and programming forums in world and is also involved with activities of the Architecture Working Group (AWGroupies). Recently she became a core developer for the OpenSim project where she has been working on physical collision geometry.

NAND NERD Artist? I’m no artist. What would I know about art? I’m an Engineer, damnit. That aside, when these Flexi-hedra were put on display I found myself being referred to as an artist. I’m not sure how this could be compared to Real Life (would Stephenson’s Rocket be classed a work of art?). I was flattered that I was invited to display my work at the Second Life’s 3rd Anniversary (SL3B) Art Exhibition and I thouroughly enjoyed the response I got from those who commented on my work. In my time in Second Life I have worked on many silly little experiments and shall hopefully continue to do so, perhaps I shall strike it lucky with another random “work of art”.

Enough rambling now, I’m a 24 year old Mechanical Engineer from Scotland. I enjoy scripting and messing around with fundamental mathematics. When I’m not working in RL or in SL I’m usually Scuba Diving or spending time with my Fiancee. 

WIZARD GYNOID: My friends caIl me Wizzy.  So you can call me that.

I am obsessed by Sacred Geometry.  I find SecondLife to be the perfect place to obsess on Sacred Geometry and I spend a lot of time building Geometrical objects by hand.  My Temple of Sacred Geometry is dedicated to these works and I find that some of my favorite artists and writers inspire me to build.  Most notable of these are M.C. Escher and H.P. Lovecraft.

XENOPHILE NEUROCAM has been an active resident of Second Life since September of 2005. He has created commercial content and many of his own works that are unique to this virtual world. He has created sculptures that are self building, self modifying, animated and static. In real life he is a digital media student and a community college instructor. This background drives him to learn all he can in his second life. Another area he is fascinated by is the educational use of virtual worlds.