Steampunk Rave in Shengri La!

We had a great time Saturday over the (American) holiday weekend! Lots of new faces, lots of old friends, and another cool 3D event in virtual worlds in the Fashion Research Institute’s Shengri La sims in Second Life.  We had DJane Qee Nishi laying down some totally fantastic Psy Trance that went on into the (for us East Coasters at least) wee hours of the morning.

A highlight of the evening was checking out all the awesome outfits, everything from High Victorian Steampunk to aliens from outerspace.  G2 Proto was streaming the event live to Snowcrash TV, and at one point he got so excited that I was sure his head was going to unscrew….you haven’t lived till you have watched a probe bop to the beat.  We won’t mention the incident of the baby junques being flung forth into the air (or were those spores?)

We had a nifty dance space, a huge particle bill, and we were joined by a great many of the openSim development community, some folks from the Microsoft effort, some of our IBM collaborators, and of course, the usual collection of Utopians all raving out. In the midst of our socializing and frolicking, a great idea was born: to hold a rave in OpenSim.  Our friends in the OSGrid immediately volunteered space, Qee seemed up for the idea, and by the time the evening was done, we had gelled the idea.

Our next rave will be in Shengri La in the first part of August, but our end of Summer Rave will definitely be in OpenSim.  We have some work to do to get ready for it, which ought to be exciting for all, and there will be some cool surprises along the way. Watch for details on this one, it promises to be enormous fun!

G2 Proto will have clips of the event available sometime later, so even if you couldn’t be there last night, you can see what you missed.  Plus, of course, snaps of some of the attendees…

Not an Avatar.  Remarkably cool.

OS Grid administrator Nebadon Izumi takes a break with friend Coke Supply

Goddess Harper Bereford ascends new heights

The colors! the colors!

Strawberry Fride braves time zones to strut her stuff

Her familiar was totally in keeping with the spirit of the thing

Life on Mars?

 Old Friends Catt Gable and Woodstock Burleigh

This Raver had a completely color coordinated look happening

Always remember your umbrella when you’re in the fires of hell

 Old friend Exrex Somme, AM Radio, and Rez

Chelsie Goodliffe turns it on

A cool Rave goer, G2 and master(?)

Grey is very haute.

G2 Proto is going to need some serious WD40

Rezz & I get jiggy

The unfortunate spore incident


2 thoughts on “Steampunk Rave in Shengri La!

  1. ‘Twas a lot of fun, Shen. I can’t wait to see our steaming tea on the OpenSim and rave with you again…!

  2. Thanks Shenlei! I have great clips recorded this weekend we will publish them for anyone to download. Awesome, killer, shiny rave! Viva OpenSim rave!

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