Prim & Proper Waves Good-Bye

To my loyal customers:

Thank you so much for your support this week, at our final sale of the Prim & Proper line in Second Life tm.  As you know, I said I would donate all proceeds from this sale to Relay For Life, and I did that this morning.  You guys were great! Thanks to you, Prim & Proper went out with style – $317,200L worth of style from the sale alone.  Here’s the picture of me paying the proceeds of the sale ($317,200) to the official Relay For Life/American Cancer Society representative.

Plus, the Relay For Life kiosks generated an additional $22,678L, which was directly credited to the Relay For Life general fund. 

All told, Prim & Proper generated a grand total of $339,878 L or almost $1,300 USD.    How awesome!

Warm thanks to everyone who came out in support. You were great, and it has been a delight providing you with apparel and accessories these years past.

Shenlei Winkler,
CEO, Fashion Research Institute
Shenlei Flasheart in Second Life