Introducing OpenSim Shengri La Dream

First View of Shengri La Dream

First View of Shengri La Dream

Shengri La Dream emerged from the protosphere over the weekend and landed next to Shengri La Spirit.  I show the first views of Dream, which will be used to develop content and to push on the inventory aspects of OpenSim. 

One of the first things I’ll be doing is dumping in a lot of my textures that I’ve developed over the past three years so we can start to develop a reasonable sized avatar inventory.  Then I’ll start developing a range of mesh garments, skins and of course, prim-based content such as jewelry, shoes, and other attachments.

This will allow us to find the functional limit of OpenSim and start getting some performance benchmarks as I build out and add to my inventory.

Looking at Spirit from Dream

Looking at Shengri La Spirit from Shengri La Dream

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