Midsummer’s Day Ode Butterfly Hunts in Shengri La, Saturday June 21st

Please join us in the visually rich Second Life islands of the Fashion Research Institute on Saturday, June 21st to celebrate the start of summer with a pair of Ode butterfly hunts. 

Random Calliope’s Ode jewelry set is justifiably famous and has a devoted collector base.  Ode was developed in a range of colors, and you can collect the set by hunting butterflies.  Not all butterflies contain jewelry, so you have to hunt down and catch a few before you receive a piece. 

Even if you aren’t a jewelry collector, it’s fun to watch the crowd of avid hunters in pursuit of butterflies.  When conducted on the five-island Fashion Research Institute complex, it quintuples the fun, as hunters spread out over five sims in search of the little devils.  The little guys are scripted to zip-zag quickly around, not unlike real butterflies, and they can be very difficult to capture.  Shengri La’s lush landscaping adds to the fun as hunters have to beat their way throguh branches and flowers to capture butterflies.

There will be two hunts, one in the morning for the convenience of our Eastern guests, and one in the early evening for the convenience of our Western guests.  Hunt at one or both, no RSVP is required.

The sims will be locked and closed to the public one hour before the hunts begin, at 6 am SLT and at 4 pm SLT. All visitors to the sims will be asked to leave as the sims are locked and restarted and the butterflies released prior to the hunt. The islands will reopen to the public promptly at 7 am SLT and at 5 pm SLT.  Butterflies will be released on all five sims: Shengri La, Shengri La Hope, Shengri La Peace, Shengri La Joy, and Shengri La Love. 

See you there!