Prim & Proper Final Sale to Benefit Relay For Life

To my loyal and longtime customers –

As I promised when I closed my line, Prim & Proper, last January, I now present the final Prim & Proper sale on the Second Life grid, ever.

Some details: I promised you that this would be on behalf of the Relay for Life.  It turns out there’ve been some twists in getting this to happen, however.

Due to the size of my vendor stock, it would have proven impossible for me to reload, script, and texture all of the Prim & Proper fashion styles.  And Relay for Life and American Cancer Society has strict rules about sale items being placed in their official vendors, as they should. 

So this is what we’ve agreed to.  I will be running the final sale for Prim & Proper.  At the end of the week, I will deposit all funds generated by the sale into a Relay for Life kiosk on the American Cancer Society island.  This transaction will be witnessed by Fayandria Foley, Relay for Life Chair, and I will document it along with my week’s worth of transaction history, and present that documentation to Fayandria.

This is the best we can do and abide by all the rules.  I promise, every Linden generated on sales from Prim & Proper merchandise will be deposited into the kiosk at the end of the week.  Those of you who know me, know my word is good.  For those of you who doubt, apologies in advance, but don’t make a purchase. No one involved needs your digital drama.

The proceeds from this sale will be credited to the Relay For Life general fund.  I decided early on that no way was I going to let other people’s competitiveness get in the way of what I am doing for my customers, on behalf of my friends and clients who have had cancer in their lives.  So when you make a purchase, please keep in mind that you benefit something greater and more important that anyone’s ego.  The only ‘winning’ I am interested in is against a truly foul disease. 

Also, as a special gift, donate $500L to the marked kiosks in the boardwalk area, and receive a gorgeous, never released ball gown with several included styles of flexi skirt. There are five colors of the gown, all equally lovely. Trust me. You’ll LOVE this gown no matter which color(s) you choose. The Dress will be delivered to you as a boxed object.  Locate it in your Objects folder.

Terms & Conditions about the Final Sale:

1. This content will be deleted from the SL grid Saturday, June 21, 9 pm SLT.  Make sure you received what you bought, thought you bought, or wanted to buy, because after Saturday, June 21, it’s gone.  Period.

2. I won’t be supporting content after June 22. At all.

3. If you want something, get it now. The prices are ridiculously cheap and the proceeds are going to a good home.

4. No, I can’t do anything custom, I can’t change the permissions, and I won’t be able to help you do gift service.

5. If you do not receive something you paid for, please locate your transaction number, the date of purchase, and give that to me in a notecard with your avatar name and what you bought.  Get the notecard to me before Saturday evening.  I’ll take care of you, just like I always have.

6.  Please do not:

  • Ask to license the Prim & Proper line,
  • Ask to purchase it, or
  • Request any sort of mall/commission or other sort of arrangement. 

The answer for point 6 is no.

7.  The only place the Sale is occurring is on the Shengri La Boardwalk. SLurl here

Once again, to my customers over the years – I loved designing for you. And I love the idea you still wear my fashion.  Thank you for the wonderful memories.

With warmest regards,

Shenlei Winkler
CEO, Fashion Research Institute

in SL Shenlei Flasheart, Designer, Prim & Proper