Beautiful People….

Collaborators (and others) take note: the Fashion Research Institute has made available new resident avatar kits in the welcome area of our corporate sim complex in Second Life tm Shengri La. The Departure Ruth to Ruthless kits are currently only available for femme avatars, and include hair, a choice of shapes, a choice of skins, jewelry, shoes, and several outfits as well as a basic avatar overrider set.   Choice from five skins; five shapes; four hair colors.  Included is jewelry, several outfits per set, matching shoes, and various and sundry accessories.  Each makeover kit is available for a mere $0L.  Yes, free. 

Men’s kits to follow.  Women’s avatar makeover kits available by following this SLurl.   While you’re there, make sure you check out our resident (and visiting) artists’ exhibits.