Long-Awaited Final Sale for Prim & Proper

To my customers of long-acquaintance, I’ve finally gotten around to setting a date for Prim & Proper’s final appearance for sale on the Second Life tm grid. I’ll be hosting the sale on behalf of Relay For Life, so you get to have the satisfaction of knowing that while you’re satisfying your last P&P need you will also be doing good.

The dates selected are June 14 to 21st. The vendors will be placed the evening of the 13th going into the 14th, and the sale runs till 5 pm SLT, June 21.

On June 21, we’ll be hosting an Ode hunt in the morning in honor of Midsummer’s Eve. To kick off the festivities, we’ll be hosting an early Midsummer’s Night Eve Rave starting at 6PM SLT.on June 14. More details on that to follow.