Shengri La Spirit

An early view of the 40,000+ prim build on the collaborative OpenSim, Shengri La Spirit, built by the Fashion Research Institute on the IBM-hosted OpenSim platform.

I’ve had requests from people to enter Spirit.

Spirit is a closed research build. This means that we are only letting people from our Fashion Research Institute-IBM development team into the sim. It’s a very short list of people with permission and access. Less than seven, in fact, and we call them out in this blog.

But because so many curious people want to see what Spirit looks like, I present to you this machinima. I have many talents. Machinima, pretty clearly, isn’t one of them.

4 thoughts on “Shengri La Spirit

  1. Well, given that I have about 40,000 items in my sl tm inventory, 1/2 of which are my personally developed content, 2,000 textures isn’t really anything.

    And as far as how many are sculpties – tree trunks, lots of flowers, water lilies, little green lights :). The actual number of sculpti textures are few, the actual number of prims that are sculptis are lots. Tough to break it down, though, since that wasn’t the point of working Spirit out and I didn’t track that metric.

    Our next sim drop will be a pure content sim, where I dump in my textures off my hard drive and start building stuff that will end up in inventory. We’ll see how things go with inventory, and how the asset server manages larger inventory issues.

  2. Also interesting that you consider 2000+ textures to be a small load 🙂

    How many of those are sculpties? I find on the main grid that sculpties are always the last thing to load and seem to take far longer than anything else – strange when you consider that sculpty textures are always smaller than the average.

  3. Interesting question, but not one that is going to be answered immediately. Eventually we’ll find out how the Blades work with OpenSim with a full load of avatars, textures, scripts, etc. But right now, we’re alpha testing a specific aspect of an OpenSim installation on IBM Blades: performance of the box under massive prim load.

    I push on the box till I break it. My IBM technology team then goes in and figures out what I broke, and they fix it. When the system is ready again, I go in and hammer till I break it. Eventually we’ll find out some range of prim load that these particular machines can support under given conditions, which offers a benchmark to the technology team working on this project.

    It’s very important to remember that openSim is still new code. It’s equally important to remember that dumping in a ton of stuff and expecting even a crack technology team to go ‘fix it’ would slow the process down immensely. There is in fact a method to the madness, it’s not just all swirling chaos.

    Spirit currently has a pretty heavy prim load; a small texture load, and an even tinier script load. The avatar load of course, is miniscule. To put it in perspective: 41,000+ prims; 2,000+ textures; 100+ scripts; 6 avatars who have access to Spirit (Yes, it’s a very restricted access list. Getting into this red velvet club is pretty much impossible at this time.)

    My next IBM-hosted OpenSim will be a content development sim – where I dump in my tens of thousands textures into inventory, start building a range of prim-based objects, and we start looking at how inventory gets handled. I feel very confident about my ability to give solid feedback to our team, since I worked on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey project back when that was one of only two very large scale database projects out there. I will specifically be hammering on the code that handles how the asset server manages inventory: e.g., database stuff.

    We’ll see how things in there go…

  4. Nice looking build – and interesting number of prims.

    But how does it perform when you get a bunch of avatars in there, all with prim hair, shoes, bling etc?

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