Raving Utopian Lunatics and Ode Hunters…

To round out our festivities this week (new artists, a few moves around the sims), we hosted a five-sim wide Ode Hunt and one of our (now legendary) Raves for our IBM collaborators. 

DJane Qee Nishi is Up! Up! Up!

Monarch Wings Everywhere!

The hunt for Ode-containing butterflies was a real delight to watch.  Five sims, with green dots spasming all over them, and getting tangled up with the butterflies already in place in Shengri La – well worth the price of admission.  I stood atop the Bridge of Dreams and watched it all.

Monarch Me And Rez in His Ghod Suit

Utopian Chestnut Rau Waves Her Wings

Later, when we finally wound the hunt down, we opened the Monarch Rave.  Attendees threw themselves into the spirit of things, with attendees in outfits from the everyday to the wildly exotic. 

Calli Looking Lovely

The particle effects were fierce, the DJane fab, and in short, a great time was had by all. Our next Rave is Saturday, June 14th: A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  See you in Shengri La!

Particle Madness 

DJane Qee Nishi

Kate Nicholas Shakes a Wing

Butterflies, Bees and Wild Things, O My!


Particles Are Up! Up! Up!

Sez Zebelin Gets Wild

Garythegoat is a Dragon That Flies…a Dragonfly?

Pretty Flowers Are Up!

Ravers Match The Particles!

Our Particle Bill Is Stupefying (We’re Told)

 Flower Bells and Mushrooms

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