Oops, I Did It Again: 34,559 prims in Shengri La Spirit

Shengri La Spirit Gets Its Groove On

Ok, ok, I know I promised I’d only dump a few hundred, max a thousand prims into Spirit at a time, so we could look at things.  But it’s so difficult to stop when you have prim cattails and prim mushrooms and bunny fountains and crystals just waiting to be planted. At least it is for me.  Your mileage may vary on this.

Sprit just got its terraforming done – harder to do that you’d think, given the terrain editing tools and the fact that things in OpenSim are still a little exciting (the wild west of virtual worlds!)

OMG! Only 10,000 prims left!

I’m starting to get a little worried.  I only have 10,000 prims left to go, and I haven’t even tackled the back island…or the sea floor.  And I want tea sets, and a lot of them.  It’s troubling to think I may run out before I see my vision fully instantiated.  O, the pain!

A Picture is Worth 34,559 Prims

Heh. Somehow, Spirit is just so comforting when the main SL tm grid plummets like a wingshot duck.  It’s just there, with its own issues, but issues that are getting wrung out every day that passes. I wish I could say the same for the main grid.

The Path to the Sacred Grove

So tonight I went ahead and planted a few trees, finished the Sacred Grove, and added a few special touches here and there.  My favorite has to be either the prim cattails or the cave of crystals. 

The Sacred Grove

I can’t wait for our official photographer to get into Spirit.  She did manage a brief log-in, and I discovered a really unique bug. I was trying to im her, so I clicked on her…and got the edit menu…and axes.  So being the curious sort, I decided to see what would happen is I dragged the arrows around.  Yup, you guessed it: her avatar came along for the ride, all around the sim, courtesy of an edit gone badly awry.  Given that its little feet are peeking out from under the curtains, I think we can classify this as a bug.


Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see Calli in and snapping away.  She’s so talented, I know she will do justice to Spirit in all ways, especially its historic nature.

Bunny from the fountain

I’m hoping that I’m going to get my promised ‘surprise’ this week, and Spirit can catch a breather and have a bit more tuning done.  It’s very exciting and I just can’t wait!

Shengri La Spirit and Her New Terraforming

So the rolecall at the end of the day: 1/2 Calli, 1 Shenlei, and 34,559 prims in Shengri La Spirit!  Yay!

Shengri La Spirit, Day’s End With 34, 559 Prims

3 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again: 34,559 prims in Shengri La Spirit

  1. Hi Teravus –

    I will try to get you a screen shot of that if it is helpful in pushing the envelope.

    The Blade is still in the process of being tuned, and certainly we’re learning a lot about the way the prim load affects the working environment. I’m going to keep going and adding in content until the system won’t let me, and then Spirit becomes a bit of a lab for tuning space.

    What I’m NOT doing with Spirit right now is pushing my inventory or texturing very hard. That’s not what Spirit is for – she exists so we can look at sheer brute numbers.
    I’ve already noted some oddities in how OpenSim handles inventory and I’ll definitely begin feeding that back into the community to look at as I start pushing on content development.

    Hi Adam –

    This is interesting information about the viewer. However, I do have to note from the bleeding edge that while people keep telling me that the prim limit number is an arbitrary number, we did hit a weird wall last week at 28,000 prims that unsettled the installation so badly that Spirit just kept crashing. Spirit has been stabilized now, but I am definitely approaching the whole prim limit question with greater caution as we begin climbing into higher numbers. Having robust hardware is definitely helping shake out the limits, which I think will show us where issues of scalability need to be looked at.

    We really ARE trying to find the thin crackly edge of where stability begins to fragment. Right now, Spirit is performing very well. Every now and again the asset server hiccups – usually if I am asking the system to do something it regards as egregious (copying more than 300 prims at a time for example). But overall, building in Spirit even with 30,000 prims isn’t particularly painful. I just have to be sensitive to what this very young software can deliver to me.

    So I guess we really will see if the prim limit is arbitrary or if there’s a hard limit where the system just grinds to a halt.

    PS: Teravus – someone told me you implemented attachments….YAY to you!

  2. Actually… that 45,000 is only a visual representation (it’s the highest number the viewer is capable of showing) – there’s no actual limit. You should be able to stack a million prims in a region as long as the hardware holds up.

  3. Great work there!

    Glad to see you pushing the limits 😀 I’ve only tested it to 20.000.

    It would be great to see the Simulator Statistics (sim stats) and the Sim time section. 😀

    You may already know this, however, to open the sim stats viewer, you click View —> Statistics Bar.

    Then expand the ‘Simulator’ section by clicking on it.

    Then expand the ‘Time (ms)’ section by clicking on it.
    (sometimes the ‘Time (ms)’ section takes a second click to open.

    Love to hear from you on that!
    Best Regards


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