The Dilithium Crystals Canna Take…30,280 prims

Sunrise over Shengri La Spirit

I finally managed to shake off my executive cares and figured I’d have time to go in and start the climb to the next 5,000 prims.  That is one must confess, a really lovely idea. But, Spirit had other things in mind and for whatever reason, the last few days in Spirit has been more like a crash-and-burn every hour or so, sometimes less.  Bleeding edge, ok, check, got it.

Nuff said!

The installation was wonkier than a high school freshman (I have a nascent one of those around the house, so I know from).  Since Zha gives me a fresh build with all the new patches and updates everytime I crash the box, I’m always assured I’m working on the most recent code with the most recent patches.  Which is usually pretty cool – I noticed, for instance, that the weird linking anomaly where the center of a set of linked prims defaults not to the combined center, but to the center of the root prim, has been fixed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to whomever of you fabulous code Ghod/desses who fixed that particular issue.  Awesome work!

Strange anomaly!

I managed to crash the box about 6 times Friday, once so hard it even brought the Blade down (as opposed to just the OS installation).  I always feel horrible when I crash the system.  The entire process of getting it back up is time-consuming. I can’t ‘just’ hop back in after the system goes down like that.

Staging for landscaping in Spirit

On the other hand, I did manage to generate a really interesting experience.  I was in shooting a machinima (with a great deal of alt-camming and mousing around) and I crashed Spirit so hard the dust is still settling.  After getting it back online, I went in and managed to, after alt-camming a bit, crash it again (not so hard this time).  There is something about the process of ‘looking’ with alt-cam that causes the system to hang.  I look around a lot with alt-cam.  I do it more than I move my avatar, in fact.  I’m always way out away from my av, building, and doing a lot of camming.  That combination seems to be lethal after a certain amount of time/clicks/looks.  Although that may be tied in with alt/click/looks and a heck of a prim load.  Tough for me to say where the issue is or what it is exactly, I just report on my experiences out there on the thin edge of the ice and hand my notes over to my IBM team liaison, Kurt. 

Sculpti trees!

The machinima, by the way, is beautiful.  I’m not the world’s best at taking pictures or machinima, but the subject matter is lovely, and in the windlight moonlight, it’s superb.  Even with my bad camera shots.  As soon as I figure out how to edit it and convert it, I’ll post the first moving images of Spirit, complete with all of its scripts and prims.

Now, the good news: Zha managed to stabilize poor hemorrhaging Spirit and get it back on its feet.  So I was able to get back in yesterday evening and get back on track with building towards 45,000 prims.  As you can see, we’re now at 30,280 prims and heading into the ascent.   The top terraformer on my crack IBM team is heading in tonight to tweak terrain and then I’m going to go head’s down on landscaping.  15,000 prims will be a snap to consume with such features as my 600 prim bunny fountain….

600 prim bunny fountain: NPISL

Prim count star date 5/11/2008: 30,280 in IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit.  Yay!

30,280 prims in a sim: especially NPISL