Inching closer to the Edge: 28,350 prims in IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit


No, that’s not a typo.  Oddly enough, when I knocked off yesterday, I had 28,350 in the sim, which was kind of interesting considering where I left Spirit on Thursday, at 23,582.  

I began adding statuary to the build yesterday, with enormous bronze horses in a fountain on the pad in front of the trellis house, and horses entwine with vines and leaves at the entrances to the community center. 

I also began working on “smalls”: small items that I can intersperse throughout the build to add human interest and focus to the build.  Butterflies, petit fours, tea sets, and magazines, as well as a range of odds and ends like candles and flowers in vases. 


The next big push awaits terraforming.  Right now I’m really not too crazy about the terraforming tools in Spirit.  Raise land gives you an enormous peak! which, thankfully, Flatten then mashes.  Once I have the land brought up, then I can add a woodland grove with all that entails.  By the time it is done, I may even have a foxfire script!

I have noticed that between Monday (when I started seriously banging on Spirit) and now, Spirit’s installation has gotten appreciably more stable.  Now, I’ll get a crash at the end of a serious build session of 4-5,000 prims at a time.  Up to the point where I just overload the server, it runs fine and steady and everything performs well.  The major issue with linking I was having earlier in the week is gone.  There are still areas that need to be worked on, of course, but I have no doubt they’ll come to fruition soon enough.  I can really get a sense of how hard the developers are working behind the scenes.  It is uncommon for a simple end user (as everyone on our team knows, Coding/Scripting/Programming R Not Me) who is utterly befuddled by scripts/code/programming to be so exposed to the raw, breathing development process.

This is a really interesting experience, especially for a fashion designer-turned-CEO.  Nothing I’ve ever done has prepared me for being on point with new and untried code, and to drive it as hard as I can till I break it.  I never actually see the code for OpenSim, and I don’t have to get in there and bang on it myself.  I’m a true end-user. So it’s very different to feel the code changing literally under my hands, like a living breathing animal.  I can best describe it as a kitten, all whiskers and claws and fragile, but growing so fast that everytime you look away, its gotten a little bigger, a little faster.  That’s what being cradled in the lifestream of OpenSim code is like…and one of these days I’m going to look around and realize that cute little kitten has become a tiger.

The OpenSim effort is one part of our effort within virtual worlds, and I am eternally grateful for my team out of IBM, without whom none of this would be possible.  Zha, for resetting the Blade everytime I kick Spirit to its knees, even at some truly horrific hourse of the night; Dale, for o-so-responsive scripting on request; Kurt, for stepping up as IBM’s Fashion Research Institute liaison with the OpenSim development effort, Sean for being a great development community leader of the OpenSim community within IBM and Mike, for his role as the FRI-IBM Principle Investigator on this project, without whom none of us would be embarked on this journey.  We have many more unsung folks on the team, and it is impossible to thank them enough for their hard work and exceptional efforts on our behalf.  I truly look forward to seeing what comes next. 

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