Uncharted Territory: 23,582 Prims in IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit

The money shot: 23,582 prims.

Ask and ye shall receive.  I asked, ” posestand?” and lo, Script Wizard Dale dropped one into Spirit. Yay, Script Wizard Dale! If only other requests were so easy…

 I can has posestand!

Back to hammering on the box today.  Yesterday’s little glam shoot notwithstanding, it didn’t add much to the database – a couple hundred more things in my inventory, some understanding of what’s up with attachments, but not much to Spirit’s actual asset server. 

Curly Vines over the Gazebos

Today, on the other hand, I kicked it hard enough for it to start paying attention.  We had a couple of crashes and a couple of buggish looking things that popped up.  The server still chokes when I try to copy more than 300 prims at a time, so I have to plan that out a bit.  And the code struggles with textures and a couple of other issues.  I sent my reports all off to our IBM OpenSim Liaison, Kurt Taylor, so he can get them into the fix-it queue.  Go, Kurt!


Swans in the sunset: Romantical!

Zha has been really great about putting in every new patch that comes along, so we’re always testing on the bleedingest (yes, bleedingest) edge code.  And that is, ultimately, the point of the IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit – to test the code and to see how or if  I can break it.  Having highly skilled and dedicated people right there, with their finger on the pulse of the machines, who really know what they are doing is just an amazing experience in pushing the envelope of OpenSim.  I don’t generally have a chance to talk to non-IBM OpenSim developers, who are also working very hard on getting the OpenSim code up and running, so I don’t have the up-close view I have of the IBM team.  But those of the OpenSim community who I have had the good fortune of meeting have all been great people.

A long view of the settees and vines

And the result of all this hard work on their part (I’m the one having fun here!) is that the server code is getting more robust every day.  I’m hammering Spirit as hard as I can for as much time as I can devote to it, and I can feel the code getting better every day.

A different perspective: parallax in action down the gazebo galleria

So much better, that we made it to 23, 582 prims in IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit.  We’ve set another prim record set as we climb to the pinnacle of what Spirit’s Blade server will support.  And of course, we’ve done it gracefully and with elegance.

Luxuriant arrangements of prim roses crown the settees…

Thanks again to my IBM team.  You folks just rock.


Zha and I and the company of 23,582 prims….

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  3. Oh wow. That’s impressive. Congradulations – looks good too.

    I don’t suppose Zha has put a profiler on this? I’d love to see the results of that report (on the opensim wiki would be a bonus).

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