Fashion Arrives in OpenSim

Portrait of the Designer and her 18,604 prim build….

Who better than a real life apparel designer to bring fashion to OpenSim?  Once I realized that attachments worked….I got busy. 

Admiring the haze of the gazillion tiny little prim leaf lights…

Very busy.

A view of the looping ‘tree branches’ of the community center

So busy that by the end of the day, in fact, I had a full outfit for myself in the IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit.  Hair…check.  Shoes…check. Necklace. Earrings. Check. Check.  Flexified prim skirt. Check.  Fluffy little shoulder trims. Check. Check.  And of course, a nice mesh outfit underneath it all, plus a nifty custom skin I whipped out just for the heck of it. 

Shoes.  You know something has really arrived when a woman can find shoes.
What woman can be complete without her shoes?

I think I look much better now…

Computerization comes back to its fashion roots…
how far we’ve come from the Jacquard loom.

Adjusting attachments without a pose stand is brutal, especially when you don’t have an AO helping you out.  Or even anything to sit on, really. 

Jewelry…ah yes.

Still, after a few tweaks, I got everything to work.  Attaching hair to the skull means you can’t edit yourself (we may want to look into this…) Digging around in one’s skull to find earrings…also not so fun.  A pose stand would help. A LOT.  No pressure, team,  I think having it by Friday would be adequate. 

Admiring the prim wax drips on the candle
(and Script Wizard Dale’s nifty flame!)

Editing your attachments ON your body is a bit problematic, as if you try to tweak a linked bit, the physics engine shoots you off into outerspace.  And the edited bit doesn’t always go where you think it should go.  This is an issue.  Another issue – well, in making jewelry….shoes…and hair…especially hair….sometimes the X and the Y coords get confused and flip.  Not all the time,  but always on the torus.  We may want to check this out.  I’ll work out some hair over the weekend and see if I can’t pin it down to something more like a bug report.

A nice view of things to come

O, and shoes – I need an invisibility script.  Script Wizard Dale? pretty please?

After all this, I think I need a drink….

Fashion has arrived in OpenSim in full twig.  From the tips of my hair to the pointy little stiletto heels of my toes, we got it.   In this case, going first meant, well, styling.  Another historic moment for the Fashion Research Institute and IBM, as we drive towards the future.  Big Blue and Fashion.  Who knew?  Buckle up, y’all and put a scarf over those curls…we’re in overdrive.