Eureka!! Pay Prim! 18,604 prims in IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit

OK. I admit to feeling more than a little smug about this one. We hit the artificial prim limit sometime this afternoon (I confess I wasn’t really paying attention so I didn’t get the glory shot)…and then we went on to set a new high: 18,604 prims of beauty on IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit.

I had quite a lot of visitors today – Script Wizard Dale, in response to my requests for various things, came in and spent some time coding up some things – now we have running water, mists, water spray, and of course, flames. Yesterday’s experiment with the butterflies turned out to be pretty nasty…buggy bugs! ack! But, as I like to look at it, without my butterfly fixation, we wouldn’t have humbled the Blade and hence, we couldn’t fix the underlying issue. So, viva la papillons. I look forward to my butterfly swarm back in action soon. 









At one point, Zha and Script Wizard Dale were both in, fiddling about. Zha, of course, has a fixation about height. Dale, for some unknown reason, opted for a Dwarf av. Barefoot, of course. Speaking of barefoot, I was very happy to have created some adorable little slip-in platform stilettos. I keep forgetting to drag an invisiprim over to put in the transparent prims, and in any event, I am having issues with the platform disappearing under my prim floor. But! they’re cute and they attached and so what this now means is:

Stampede of the attachments! Yes! hair! Yes! Jewelery! Yes! Prim skirts! The mind boggles.

Dale said he has some poses laying around somewhere, so those are next. He mocked me up an ‘almost chair’ which may rapidly be replaced with a real pose ball (as opposed to the physics enabled medicine ball he kept chasing around the build pad…). Go team!

Spirit is coming along nicely…what I love about building in here is that even at 18,000 prims…it’s obvious this is not a build that could be done anywhere or anywhen else. Each of the teeny, tiny, little sculpted prim leaf lights on the twined branches; each of the prim petals and leaves; right down to the individual ice cubes in the lemonade glasses – all require resources that anything less than Spirit’s Blader server simply can’t provide.  I love how the tiny little prims create a misty haze around the central build…

And, we’re not even halfway into our prim allowance….

So, to make up for a picture shy post before….IBM Open Sim Shengri La Spirit at 18,004 prims.



4 thoughts on “Eureka!! Pay Prim! 18,604 prims in IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit

  1. Hi Justin –

    We’re getting up-to-the-minute code updates (per Zha), and I can FEEL how more robust the code/box are getting. Zha told me last night that the Blade isn’t tuned (yet) but I’m not going to start worrying about the prim limit until things start going madly awry.

    Today was a little odd since I was doing a heads-down on the whole attachment thing. I didn’t actually dump a ton more prims into the sim itself, but what I did do was highly manipulated, which is how the whole question of the torus X/Y coordinate flipflop came out. I’m going to drill down into that and see if I can pinpoint it and replicate.

    I’ll see if Zha will give you a pass into Spirit so you can come visit.


  2. Very nice Shenlei – it’s really great to see what you’re doing with OpenSim. I’d love to come and visit sometime.

    By the way, that 45000 prim limit is an arbitrary one hardcoded into the current OpenSim. It’s not actually enforced. The true prim limit may be considerably higher (or if you’re unlucky, somewhat lower). I think you’ll only know when strange things start happening to the build (e.g. slowdown if you hit memory capacity or possibly some physics issue if you have ODE physics turned on).

  3. Per Zha, we’re using a IBM BladeCenter HS21
    8853AC1, with 4GB memory and 2 3 Ghz processors. We’re currently running it in single sim mode, but we’ll be dropping in the rest of the sims once the Blade has been tuned.

    You can price one out on the IBM web site at:

    The series features: Features up to two high-performance Dual-Core or Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors
    1 GB standard/32 GB maximum memory per blade
    Two Gigabit Ethernet controllers standard, with load balancing and failover features, up to twelve Ethernet ports per blade optional
    Expansion capabilities for iSCSI, 4 Gb Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, Myrinet and 1X or 4X InfiniBand™
    Optional 15.8 GB single or dual solid state drives
    Optional IBM 4 GB Modular Flash Drive

    Let me say that I’ve been utterly impressed with this box and I’ve been banging on it with rocks and hammers. And it’s cute. Not stylin’, but cute. A cute brute. Who knew?

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