Machines should work, Women should design

Zha’s been tuning Spirit’s database and code, and it is really starting to show.  I pushed Spirit pretty hard – we now have 8500 prims in various configurations, and a couple of scripts running (I got my flame, thank you to Script Wizard Dale). I only managed to slap Spirit to its knees a couple of times, which considering that OpenSim is very alpha code, I thought showed a remarkable amount of resilience.

I’m increasingly finding that other than missing things like my HUD, AO, hair, and oddly enough, my gorgeous sculpted and scripted riding horse, I really do prefer to spend my time in Spirit.  To all intents and purposes, I have no prim limits, the Blade server that Spirit is hosted on is increasingly showing how robust it is, and I can get things in and out of inventory far more easily than I’m used to.  There are still issues with the alpha code, of course, but overall, the performance Spirit is turning in is just getting better and better.  I want Shengri La proper hosted on a Blade server!

My sense, based on nothing more than building hard in both platforms, is that OpenSim is growing up.  The technology is really digging in and starting to work, so I can get on about my business of designing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new week brings.  I have hopes of a mist script, and some foxfire scripts, and of course, one mustn’t forget, some texture animation scripts and my fondest hope: a butterfly movement script…

This weekend, I spent planting the main build with all sorts of plants and flowers. I got the initial trusses in place on the nascent roof – I’m still not entirely certain how I want to finish the pitches yet, and I have only a dim idea of the direction I’m heading with the corner turn, but building is always a process for me anyway, so this doesn’t disturb me (too much). 

I did get the planters full of plants – a bed of gentians, some conifers plantings, palms underplanted with a lush bed of grasses waving gently in the breeze. 

I also started adding seating, against the day I get sit poses and the like.  Eventually, I’ll be adding all sorts of little touches to the seating arrangements – tables, floor lighting and the like.  Right now, I’m pretty content with my candle (note the flame) with the actual prim wax drips.  Not to mention the prim ice cubes in the glasses of lemonade…

A nice touch was adding the suspension chains to the chandeliers.  They are no longer merely suspended in midair, but attached to the new support trusses.

I also started building out a large community center.  The foundation is laid and I have a clear direction I want to take for terraforming.  The rest will evolve, just like OpenSim is. 

Spirit is becoming heart-stoppingly beautiful.  In some respects, it’s a pity that it truly is a ‘walled garden’, in that only people on the A++++ list can visit me there.  For now, that is.