On Going First – Day Two.OOOOHHHH in Shengri La Spirit

The one really, really nasty thing about alpha testing is, you really do need to have the patience of a saint.  No, not me, my TEAM.  We’re tuning Spirit, and I think I crashed it 15 times today.  Hard.  Sometimes within seconds of logging in. Zha came and hung out with me for awhile and watched things progress, so I could feed bug reports on the spot.  This made things go quicker from my point of view….no less exhausting, but quicker.

An OMG moment, as I log in from what felt like my 92-millionth crash, to discover that I had lost most of an entire wall of trelli…and what was there had partially reverted to original parameters, the deadly “plywood box” unit.

What’s really interesting is how you can FEEL the box start to respond to the tuning as changes get made to

 it.  By the end of the day, I was mostly running into known bugs (linking and texturing issues, mostly) and Spirit performed admirably through a stint that brought us to 6,000 prims.  I did note something about the lack of an RGB slider when you go into the edit window – you have to use your existing palette. (this is a bug, in case my earlier comment to Zha went unnoticed)


The theme of Spirit has changed – as these things so often do – it’s moving more in the direction of a community center nestled in a large trellised glasshouse.  Today I fought with the technology all day and built trellii.  I must have rebuilt one section five times, because it just wasn’t persistent.  But, we got it worked out, and by the time I was tired of trellii, I had the walls in place.

Then I turned my attention to plants – flowering vines, some system plants potted up, and a few other odds and ends.  

A whole squadron of butterflies awaiting their flight scripts (um, guys? please?)

Script Wizard Dale made some mutterings (imprecations?) about the flame script.  A flame script would be really nice.  Also a particle script or two.  And some texture animation scripts. And, oh yes, attachments?  I miss my hair.  No pressure, next week will be fine.

In one of my interims waiting for Spirit to get kicked, our liaison found me in SL.  Thanks for coming with me to the networking event, Kurt, that was fun.  I actually had far more company today in working on Spirit than I usually do.  Zha popped in and out and at one point, retextured the terrain.  Not that this build is going to have a lot of terrain, but what there is will be lush and lovely.

Anyway, after a hard day of wrestling technology, we have a really quite lovely build.  I am particularly fond of the chandeliers, even they do just sort of prestidigitate.  They make me want to hold a Rave….