Yay! Up and Running ….Hoo Boy Are We….

Zha tapped me on Friday and told me Spirit was ready to go again.  I, of course, immediately managed to crash the poor thing so hard it still has bruises, but Zha got it up and running again, and left me a little surprise upon log-in….a giant green prim (reminiscent of the Monolith in 2001) letting me know which sim I’m actually in (we have two.  The log-in urls get a little murky for me).

Ever the curious one, I wanted to change textures and generally twiddle the land, add media…and lookie the great surprise I found in the objects tab! 45,000 prims!

The mind immediately boggled.  I can make….grape arbors, with every grape a prim! Fuhgeddaboud texture flowers, I can have the real thing – all 400 prims worth (why settle for small when you can have grandiose?)

So I set to with great vigor.  In the middle of it all, Zha popped in to check on things.  She arrived just in time for a face-to-face collaboration about a linking bug.  Perfect! Now that we have avatar persistence, I of course promptly uploaded some of my skins/eyes/clothing textures in and made a couple of skins.  I carefully copied all the details from my usual shape and brought those over, so I could be me in Spirit.

Attachments are still buggy – I made and attached a belt and it seems to have been one of those rare anti-gravity belts, as it dragged me off to the sky.  Ugh.

Meantime, I managed to build out a boardwalk with arbors.  Lots of arbors. In preparation of those 300-prim-each grapes.  I have a clear vision of what I want the new build to look like, sort of palatial mediterranean with lots of soaring towers and so on. 

Next I am going to work on the harbor.  The terrain is a real mess under the water – a lot of polygons poking up everywhere.  I’m going to smooth out the floor enough, though, that I can start creating marine life, maybe a wreck, lots of bivalves and starfish and so forth.

I’m still quite agog. 45,000 prims! Whoa. That should be interesting.