Waiting for Godot

Shengri La

I still feel like my IBM OpenSim Spirit is slow, so I’m going to hold off burning everything to the ground and rebuilding till Team Leader Zha gets a chance to take a look at it.  Everyone’s busy right now working on more project critical enterprise level matters, including me, so it’s not critical to me.

Swans swim peacefully under the golden rays of the sun set in Shengri La

Back in Shengri La SLtm, Calli almost has her gallery completed.  I’m waiting till she’s done installing her pictures before I take a picture for posterity.  Calli and I have been discussing the use of the small galleries that we added to Shengri La, and we’ve decided that she will curate the galleries.  SL tm artists are encouraged to get in touch with Calli in-world if they are interested in exhibiting in the small galleries in Shengri La.  They should drop her a notecard with their name, a paragraph about their work, and one or two representative images.  We will host two concurrent artists in the galleries with their show openings and closings staggered.  Please contact Callipygian Christensen in SLtm.

We’re finally more-or-less finished with Shengri La, to the extent that I am ever finished with a build. There’s a few tweakings I want to do – adding a few more underwater ruins, and the opensource horses so people can come and ride on the islands.  But overall, I’m pretty content with the islands.  I need to turn my attention next to the actual corporate offices, and finish off the community gateway. I hope to finish those off later this week, and with luck Spirit will be ready to do, too.

The Bridge of Dreams in Shengri La

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Godot

  1. That’s sort of the whole point. IBM is a registered trademark of IBM, but most journalists, bloggers, and other non-IBM employees don’t run around adding the little (R) to it everytime they refer to it in narrative. I think everyone knows the name belongs to that Fortune Ten company and no one intends any infringement in writing about the company. And I write about my experiences with my customer, research, and business engagements with IBM quite a lot and just like everyone else out there, I do not add the little (R) to it.

    So the fact LL is creating such agita within its user community would seem to indicate LL’s marketers don’t quite understand how to grasp the nettle of viral marketing.

    Also, the simple fact that I had a RegAPI denied because it (gasp! shock! Horror!) included the dread SL — without a TM.

    And, of course, that’s what the trademark policy says this week. Who knows what it will say…next week, next month, or next year? So, SL TM, it stays.

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