Day Ten: Shengri La Spirit Spreads Its Wings…15,006 prims

IBM OpenSIm Shengri LA Spirit with 15,006 prims on her

We did it.  Tonight we broke the 15,000 prim limit that is artificially imposed on Second Life sims, and we did it, if I may say so, with quite a degree of aplomb and more than a bit of beauty and only a few screams & cries on my part.  

Brdige on Spirit with some weird fish

An Underwater view of Fishes and some Strange Flowers
Underwater of Fishes and Flowers on Shengri La Spirit

Since I left off with only a few prims left in my ‘limit’, I promised I’d creep carefully closer till we fell or flew.  And tonight, building out some little water birds, we flew as I fell over the 15,000 prim limit and into the future.

IBM OpenSim Shengri LA Spirit hits 15,006 prims

I am happy to report that altho Spirit is still running on a dainty little installation, she performed as well as she ever has.  There were no more additional pains than usual, and the process of falling over the edge went beautifully.  I am now well into uncharted areas and looking forward to seeing what my more robust build on the IBM Blade servers can really do.  Now we drive towards the next goal, of adding new sims around Spirit and putting her into Grid mode on an industrial strength backend. 

Of course, as the ability to add attachments, more scripting capabilities, and the like are added, I’ll gradually build up a store of avatar customization parts for my collaborators who have access to Spirit. 

Spirit may well end up being rebuilt from scratch.  Her current build was a “add as you go” experiences, using textures I had in one of my Photoshop directories.  But it may be time to build unique textures just for Spirit and her sister sims, that I don’t use in my Second Life builds, and create a more impressive trail to ‘going first’ in Open Sim.  My profound thanks, as ever, to my IBM team, who are an amazing group of wickedly intelligent (and often totally whack) people. 

Thanks folks. You rock.

Flying Free of Prim Limits!

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  1. Yes, we were pretty excited as we got closer. One of my IBM team told me that 20,000 prims was a possibility….so….well, our next goal is 20,000 prims. I can’t wait till we get all four of our sims up on our IBM Blade server. IBM rocks. I mean, as Fortune Ten companies come and go, it’s been an amazing experience to work with this team. The Shiniest of Objects Herself, Primcess Shenlei, aka, “The Queen Pea”.

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