Day Nine on Shengri La Spirit: Creeping Closer to the Edge

Spirit Harbor in flames!

I don’t know what it is about building in Open Sim. I go in with the very best of intentions to build a new X, Y or even a Z, and before you know it, QWERTY appears. It’s like a thousand monkeys banging on typewriters.

I went in today in direct response to Script Wizard Dale enticing me with new treats.  A rotator script, and a leaping flame had been left for me on a tower, and altho the rotator script denied all efforts to pry it out of its prim case, the flame was gratefully snagged and promptly applied throughout the build.  Flames add such a special touch, altho I don’t think I was at best pleased to receive the label “Homo erectus”. I’m a sapiens, darn it! Or if we must, a Primcess.  A Primcess and a Pea.

Lilies and flames in the morning light

Back on Spirit, the pegasids seemed to have bred in response to the sudden influx of flames all over the place.  At least, there’s a few more of them soaring about.

A Pegasid soars in the Westering Sun on Spirit

The flames seemed to have escaped, too, as now there are flames in all of the fire pits and the lily fire holders.  Some people just know what to do with flames when they’ve been given such a great gift from the Script Wizard Ghods, in marked contrast to other people who think fire should be put in, say, a campfire, as if that were at all artistic, even if they did get fire first before those of us who would use it to infinitely better effect.  Luckily this sore lack was remedied and all is well in Shengri La.

Flames in the firepits at the seagate to Castle Queen Pea

The particles made it out, too, to quite charming effect.  I still can’t yank the particle script out of its original prim, nor can I open it to twiddle its parameters.  Still, blue is a very pretty color and perfectly lovely with the lilies. 

Particles and Flames and Lilies o My!

By the end of the manic spree with the flames, particles and pegasids, the day’s tally of prims came to 14,363 on Spirit.  I am informed that Spirit is running on a somewhat dainty installation and that I will soon get a great hulking monstrosity of an installation, which will support not one but FOUR whole sims.  I admit I am really quite spoiled, as I am accustomed to my wide open sim lands in Second Life, and cannot wait for a new demesne to rise above the waves.  

Four Open Sims is quite exciting and will force me to think of how to extend the current build.  The goal, of course, is to push beyond the 15,000 prim limit per sim (and to do it attractively), and to see how much further we can go before things get entirely too wonky for words. I am limited, of course, in some respects, as a lot of the finer twiddly prim work that I’d normally do is rendered difficult to impossible in Open Sim, because prims often shift ever so slightly off their original position. 

More Pegasids soaring of Mt. Spirit

I think we’ll go beyond 15,000 prims in our next build session. I’ve sketched out some interesting botanicals and I may lay a cobble stone path….a prim at a time.  And of course, those pegasids will end up on rotators, bless their silvery little hearts.  And perhaps, just perhaps, Team Leader Zha will put a nice fern in the inventory.  And maybe a nice kelp (I prefer green but brown is ok too), and a nice eel grass (a seagrass is less exciting but I’d live).  O, and maybe even one of those cool fractal tree thingies that Jo Grant has.   That would be cool.  No hurry, Saturday is soon enough…

Bridge to the Castle (with fire!)

The Western Guard Tower with Pegasids at Sunset

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  1. Sorry, the fractal growing tree “branch” won’t run on OpenSim. Not enough scripting support there yet. 😦 I’m currently experimenting with object transport between Second Life and Open Sim. I might be able to import a static version in a week or so. Not as much fun…

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