Day 8: Showing Signs of Life

Day break, Day 8, IBM OpenSIm Shengri La Spirit

Day 8….like the way time flows in an OpenSim island, in fits and starts.  Day 8 actually bifurcated.  At one point, I looked at the build and while it was totally cool (to my crazed fashion designer eyes), I realized it might not play in Peoria….so I ripped out the day’s efforts and went in a different direction and added…Pegasids.  Great, big, shiny silver ones soaring over Shengri La Spirit. 

Pegasids over Spirit
Closeup of the Shengri LA Spirit Pegasids

And a spirit place on the top of the mountain…

The Fountain on top of Spirit, and a pegasid

 And I twiddled the inside of a new guard keep…note the sunset through the inside keyholes. 

Inside the Guard Keep, daylight

Sunset through the Guard Keyholes

But the pegasids are the coolest….o, for a rotator script (nudges Script Wizard Dale) to make them swoop.

 Details of the bridge:

Bridges & Foundations

I have to repeat again, that the chronicle of THIS build on Shengri La Spirit is not being conducted on any of our sims in Second Life.  We (the Fashion Research Institute) does maintain a five-island complex there, all with Shengri La nomenclature.  Anyone can visit our islands in Second Life.  Those islands are maintained as open, natural land as our corporate pitch deck, and as our half-way house for apparel industry residents.  Others can visit too, we’re pretty egalitarian.  Just remember to pick up your trash there. If you don’t, your welcome mat will get yanked.  Trust me on this one.

But Spirit is our IBM OpenSim on IBM’s Yellow Zone.  The Yellow Zone is not open to the public; we’re using it to stress and test OpenSim in various ways.  I report my day’s findings back to our Team Leader, Zha Ewry, who goes off and ‘does something to the box’ (kicks it? drops it out a window? feeds it a double espresso?) at which point, usually, things improve.  Sometimes, given the end-of-time nature of a very tender bud of a program, they don’t. But that’s what it means to Go First.  Pioneering in a new space, with a build like Spirit means you get the locusts as well as the lilies. 

Or, as in Day 8….pegasids and lilies: 

Sunset, Day 8, IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit
Sunset, Day’s End, IBM Open Sim Shengri La Spirit