Day Six: Boats, Pillars and Lotus, o my!

Day break on IBM Opensim Shengri La Spirit

We’re now at 10,500 prims, due to a minor OCD moment with the lotuses, chains and such like.  I located an Open Sim tree (see pictures) and shortly the sim will be greened.  I discovered a feature – the ground cover seems to flip back and forth between grass and forbe, depending on several factors.  Well, hopefully, I will get ferns soon. Also particle scripts.  And dare I ask it, a rotation script? Scripting R Not Me, so I am hoping that one of my collaborators who CAN script (not-so-subtle hint here, guys) will magically make a rotation script appear in inventory. (er, one that works, k? thnx.)

The outer harbor of IBM open Sim Shengri La Spirit


Today I continued building out lotuses in the harbor – now truthfully, odds are that lotuses would not be growing in saline water.  On the other hand, they’re gorgeous.  So I have lotuses in salt water. Or the world’s largest fresh water lake surrounding Shengri La Spirit….


I also added a few boats.  They even have flexi banners on top!




And the colonnade around the harbor – not done yet, of course, yet, but we get closer.  I need fire. And particles.  And fish.  And kelp…maybe a wreck in the bottom of the harbor?  with sharks….definitely sharks….




 End of the day on IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit.  Please note that this build is not being created in Second Life.  The Fashion Research Institute does maintain five Second Life islands, Shengri La,  Shengri La Joy, Shengri La Peace, Shengri La Hope, and Shengri La Love. Our sims in Second Life have just been completely renovated to prepare them to act as a community gateway for apparel industry personnel, fashion design educators, and fashion design students.  I’ll blog about this development project as we get closer to launch.

Although our Second Life sims have a similar look and feel to Spirit, Spirit remains at this time a testing ground while we push the limits of what an ideal OpenSim configuration will be.  Right now, we’re load testing the prim limits of the sim.  Hence, the focus on the number of prims it is carrying.  Going “first” can be a little lonely sometimes.  But well worth the beauty…