Day Five: In which I redecorate

and a closeup of the primwork keyholes

 So when I logged in again, I wasn’t….enamored….with the textured keyholes.  Plus, of course, the mandate is to push Spirit to its illogical capabilities.  so I swept off the old walls and replaced them with these new, improved primwork keyholes.  I’ll likely go back and rework them yet again because after all it is a woman’s perogative to change her mind.  At least, it’s mine.  

Primwork Chains! 52 prims each!

In addition to primwork gates, Queen Pea also had her central pool renovated, and replaced with a much more interesting pool that is symmetrical and pretty. 

Primwork Lotus flowers in IBM OpenSim Spirit

 Then, I went through and added a range…nay….a veritable  plethora! of prim work lotuses.  It’s hard to see them here, but each of these little darlings has three shades of pink plus curly golden stamens.  I have requested one teeny, itty bitty rotation script so I can link and rotate groups of them. 

And More Lotuses!


And yet more lotuses…..tons of prims!

So, after this day’s work, we now have 6,700 prims on the sim.  And, we have 43 Gb of work logged, which caused Spirit’s server to start gasping by the end of the day.  I’d learned to work around the limitations of Open Sim to some extent – I can’t push it as hard as I would push in my Second Life builds, altho I’ve brought my own sims to their knees quite often when I’m on deadline and need to get something built out. 

Castle Queen Pea and Prim Work

 So next, I am going to work on some vines and things.  I’ve been in a total vine mood lately, I put tons of them all over Shengri La.  So Spirit needs a few, with perhaps some roses added to the mix. I also put in a request for some particle scripts and the OpenSim library of landscaping objects.  I love those ferns!

 It’s interesting ‘going first’ as my IBM Team Leader, Zha, reminded me last night when I was checking in.  Spirit is an interesting experiment for all concerned.  Eventually, we’ll get all the wiggles worked out, but in the meantime it is actually pretty fun to be the pioneer out here driving stakes in the ground.  Personally, I live for the day when we can have our first party on Shengri La Spirit.  Our next one, though, will be held in Second Life on IBM’s ThorneBridgeTown sim (the research sim with the ‘really big molecule’ on it).  It’s a rave, and we’ll be having a mer party in a giant aquarium.

See you there!