Day Four: Castle Queen Pea starts getting her Groove On

End of the Day, Shengri La Spirit

 Day Four: OpenSim challenges start to become more evident as I dig into the details of my build.   Stuff I’d normally be able to do pretty easily fights back and delays the whole thing.  Simple links and deletions find me dumped unceremoniously from the sim.  And I’m not even half way to the goal yet.  Still and all, after four days, the sim is starting to look really beautiful.  Implied Rez has been hammering the server with lots of terraforming and it shows.  I think we’re going to be very proud of the finished product, at least till the next sim emerges and we get to tackle THAT.

The Seagate at Shengri La Open Sim

 After dithering awhile, I decided to rip out the top wall and replace it with a cut and textured keyhold wall.  I liked how the light played through it.  Here you can see the canal running into the seagate at an early stage of the build.

Seagate closeup, IBM OpenSim Shengri La

Here we are in closeup, coming into the courtyard from the seagate.  There’s a lot more to go yet.  But the sunrise is stunning on the water.  Eventually I ended up ripping out all the upper walls and replacing them with the grill and keyhold walls. I figured what the heck, odds are the Saracen won’t be attacking us this millenium.

Another view of the courtyard, from the seagate in IBM’s Open Sim

Here you can see the apron has been laid and the columns set.  The red loop is my chain guide.

Chains coming into being.

The first chain drop created.  This particular feature caused me to seek intervention, since I repeatedly tried to copy this monster and I repeatedly crashed the sim.  I can’t imagine why one lil’ ol’ 53 prim chain would cause such agita.

the chains of the seagate, at last! in IBM’s OpenSim

 Finally.  Chains around the critical aspects of the canal from the seagate.  And way at the back, I dragged my sculpti pony in.  He needs some TLC (like a real main and tail texture?) But he’s adorable at the back of the courtyard.

The details of Castle Queen Pea are starting to emerge.  Tomorrow The Bulldozer promised to whomp the courtyard so the land is appropriately flattened.  And the seagate properly dug out.  And tomorrow, darlings, we’ll start digging in on barques and boats.

Some of the cool details on the build…makes you want to live there, right?

Some cool additional details…

Details of the courtyard

And finally, the build. We now have 5,600 prims in the sim, and climbing.  Today we added flowers in the planters, a gazillion prims chains throughout; a horse; some flowers; and the apron for the canal at the seagate.  Tomorrow….the bridge. Or the boats and barques. Or more horses.  Whimsy is a rare and wonderful thing.

O, and I brought over my fashion and some skins, so we’ll be fashionable as soon as I get attachment capabilities and persistence.

Courtyard detail

End of Day Four: castle, horse, chains, seagate, flexi banners. Happiness in a mere 5,644 prims. 

Shameless plug here: Did I mention how great my tech partners at IBM are? If I haven’t recently, let me mention that again.  The opportunity to alpha test Shengri La Spirit, after all, is courtesy of my technology partners at IBM.  They rock.

And here we see, Castle Queen Pea and Shengri La Spirit in all their glory. See you later!

And my Pony! yay!
Castle Queen Pea at Midnight

IBM’s OpenSim Shengri La Spirit at Midnight