Day Three: Castle Queen Pea Gets Her Walls

Shengri La Spirit at the end of Day Three

Day Three – Castle Queen Pea gets her walls, and Shengri La gets terraformed (poor dear).  After getting flung into outerspace last time, I return to discover interesting anomalies.  For whatever reason, the sculptis have become full bright, or maybe they were full bright and I didn’t notice them.  Eek.  Despite the obvious need for assistance, I focus instead on walls.  The first set is laid:

The Day Starts with Walls, and Colored Floor segments

 The courtyard detailing presents challenges:

Details of the courtyard lamp

 After some really annoying linkage issues (link, and one prim goes haywire. Always one prim, never two, or three.  But that one is a doozie, witness the prototype plant hanger.  It fights me all day, with that one stupid prim rotating.  After the fun and games yesterday, and knowing these things need to be copied in multiples, I don’t dare unlink.  the lamp presents a challenge all its own. I plan to fix it once I get a nimbus script that works. 

One wall with lamps and plant hangers.  The crenellations are being developed. 

More walls, showing colored floor segments

Shengri La Spirit gets most of her landscaping ‘bones’, with only moderate squabbling.  The process of terraforming really hammers the server, which means I can build, or Spirit can be terraformed.  Check out Spirit’s fjord.  At some point, I’ll throw a span over it so we can visit the light house from the castle.  If only we had a smooth tool in OpenSim!

Terraforming to the nth degree

At one point, I wander back to Second Life to Shengri La to work on our community gateway for the fashion industry, only to get distracted with arcane questions like ‘how do you know the coordinates of the island on the world map?’

Despite these distractions, eventually the bulldozers get tired and I return to work on Castle Queen Pea.   

 Still some fullbright on the stone swags.  Since we’re not making these swags out of radium-rich granite, I begin the process of ripping fullbright out of them.

Full Bright getting gone

Full bright completely gone.  Ready to assault the walls.

Full bright, all gone!

Details of the courtyard at sunset.  Check out those FINE lamps, will you?

Inside the courtyard, peering out of the seagate

Details of the crenellations and stained glass.  I definitely will crank up Illustrator tomorrow.

Deatils of the crenellations

Details of the seagate, at sunset and midnight:

Seagate detailthe seagatecourtyardatmidnight.jpg

Finally, after trials and tribulation, we present Castle Queen Pea, with WALLS. And Lamps. And non-full-bright stone swags.  By moonlight (so romantical) and by sunset, here are her bones. Tomorrow, the sea market begins to take form. And maybe she’ll get those 400-prim flower arrangements I’ve been considering.  Prim count at the end of Day Three, a paltry 4,000 prims. 

IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit by Moonlight

Castle Queen Pea in her Glory