Day Two on Shengri La Spirit

The build when I stopped for the day to head off to a ball on Shengri La Peace in Second Life…

Day Two, and another round of building.  Day Two saw the completion of the four towers of Queen Pea’s castle, with the foundation of the walls laid down.  The castle turrents are huge – each base is 10m in radius with a 8.25m base, on an octagonal base.   The walls are 60 meters long facing the sea (where the sea gate will eventually go) and 50 meters long on the ‘short’ sides.

Today we tackled the turrents –  we’ve found the shift-drag to copy is really challenging to the servers when it has to deal with massive prim sets. Each tower has about 500 prims in it  Some of those prims are sculptis and odd cuts.  I don’t know if the different cuts make any difference to the server or not, but I figured what the heck when I started to build.  So the castle has a ton of moderately tortured prims, sculptis, a few alpha textures, and heck of a lot of basic prims.  

Sometimes the server just couldn’t handle the load – this picture is what I found after I relogged after a particularly difficult server moment.  Shift-drag to copy caused a bit of consternation for the server.

Ack! Borked copy!

 We’ve found that terraforming at the rate we like to move is challenging to the server.  It’s made very, VERY challenging when the terraforming is being accomplished in conjunction with massive builds.  I personally managed to bork the server at least 6 times.  It’s a good thing it’s my role to bork the machine or else someone would get really hacked over the fact I’m so effective at doing so.  Our IBM Team Leader, Zha, for our Yellow Zone sim, is really patient about kicking the machine back to life.  

 Which is good.

 And let me finish Day Two with 4 completed turrets and the ground work for the wall foundations.  Day Three we hope will see the completion of the walls, altho I am dithering about how I want the inner walls to be. Do I want closed walls, or open walls with columns supporting the upper walk ways? What about crenelations?  And of course, flexi banners.  You can never use enough flexi banners.  I think I need to fire up Illustrator and crank out some unique stained glass textures for the turrets.  Since it seems we have a marine theme going here, it would be cool to have seashells incorporated into the stained glass windows.  Not to mention nautilus shells & sea horses to replace the sculptured flowers on the stone swag sills.  The mind boggles at the possibilities, since my instructions are to build massively and up to the prim limits of the Shengri La Spirit.  We don’t actually know where that is, so somewhere past 15,000 prims or so, things should get…interesting.

You can see my little tiny avatar hanging in the sunset between the two sets of turrets:

Day’s end on Shengri La Spirit, up close and personal

Day’s End, Day Two, on the IBM OpenSim Shengri La Spirit:

Day coming to an end on Shengri La Spirit