Daybreak on a Brave New World

Borked Castle Turret…

Shengri La Spirit emerged from the waves this week, courtesy of my tech partners at IBM.  Shengri La Spirit is one of my OpenSim islands hosted on the IBM yellow Zone.  It’s a little lonely being one of the few people wandering around, but we’re all pitching in to make it a showpiece, complementary to my islands in Second Life(Shengri La, Shengri La Joy, Shengri La Hope, Shengri La Love, and Shengri La Peace).

I’ll be posting pictures of Shengri La Spirit as I alpha test our OpenSim installation.  Sometimes things go really wrong, and sometimes things go really, really right.  Having Shengri La Spirit to hammer on and alpha test is one of those things and I have our Team Leader, Zha Ewry, to thank for that. 

 Here’s some more pictures from our first day on the sim:

Daybreak over our new sim, Shengri La Spirit

   Sometimes things didn’t quite go as planned….building the first castle turret was a little on the challenging side.  Unlinking, for example.  Not so good.  But everything came right in the end, as you can see from Turret #1. 

oops. Sometimes Unlink didn’t quite perform as expected…


But all’s well that ends well…

The turret setting the corner of Queen Pea’s castle, and the sea gate foundation:


 And finally, after a few restarts, day’s end on Shengri La Spirit’s first day of life, complete with terraforming and turrets:


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