Leveraging the Power of Virtual Worlds

Once again a great example of why virtual worlds are so powerful.  I met Professor Elaine Polvinen through a link someone sent me about her blog, and from there sent her a note in Second Life and eventually met there. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had a formal collaboration to develop fashiond esign curriculum in virtual worlds.  Our original platform will be Second Life for a number of reasons, and I’m preparing to drop a couple of new islands for development purposes. 

I spoke at FIT this week, with a teleconferencing connection to Elaine and to Nyla Cheeky.  It was a complementary group of speakers, with Elaine speaking about actually using virtual worlds to educate her core group of students about the power of 3d modeling and virtual fashion; Nyla speaking about using virtual worlds (Second Life) as a way of extending her brand image and awareness to drive real life sales and business; and of course, me, speaking about leveraging the power of virtual worlds to enable big business to cut costs, cut time-to-market, and reduce carbon footprint while maintaining the fidelity of a fashion designer’s vision. 

 We had a great audience, very engaged and interested.  Based on such a strong response, I’ll be adding a welcome area on Shengri La Hope, specifically for fashion educators, so that they have resources that will help engage them in virtual worlds. 

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  1. Yes, I have more than 20 years of experience as both a couture and a mass market designer, as well as designing my virtual fashion line in Second Life, Prim & Proper.

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