And the Greatest of These…is Love

We’ve started experimenting with sculpties, making flowers and fountains and hats. I worked on Prim & Proper a bit more last night and managed to work my way up to the third floor before needing a shopping infusion. P&P is looking better, but at some point I’m going to have to bite the bullet and paint some textures for it. Still, the store looks better, even if the outer wall is still a bit sprung. Eventually, I’ll likely just replace the whole edifice with another ArchTx build.

Zha was in Shengri La last night working on her land. I took her over to show her the downed Borg vessel, a build that amuses me greatly but didn’t seem to have quite the impact with her. She said she and her SO want to throw parties on Shengri La ‘soon’, so I guess I need to set up some form of calendar. It will be interesting to see how that evolves.

SRD continues to evolve. Everytime I swing by, I am just taken by the loveliness of the build. Yuriko must be so proud and happy. I think we;ll probably end up with a grand opening of the nation sometime in July, at the rate we’re going. And by then, I hope we’ll have our 6th sim dropped and in terraform.

Spaking of terraform, before I needed my buying endorphins, I added a foaming, rushing waterfall to Shengri La Peace. It needs salmon. It needs salmon that can be fished out of the stream. Time to talk to Mark about Salmon that can be Fished For. Killer whales are nice and all, but fishing for salmon (as opposed to, say, trout) in a salmon stream, this has merit.

Calli is home from her trip. I didn’t expect her till tomorrow, but it was nice to see her safely back last night. I think we need to work through a definitive stance for the nation to take on this age verification/violence/etc. stuff that the Lindens are rolling out. I’ll make sure the island is an adult/mature rated sim, which lets the artists and fashionistas do their own thing (whatever that may be), but I just need to make sure we don’t get slapped into primordial ooze because some pointy-headed bean counter decided our art isn’t copacetic.