Shengri La Emerges!

A hallmark of a successful project, I think, is recognition. Last night, as I sat in my aerie high over Shengri La, I watched the green dots of visitors blip on and explore the islands before blipping off to go to whatever new and interesting thing caught their attention. The residents were in and out of the nation with regularity, too. With the exception of Demi, I think everyone checked in with me, at least briefly, to shoot the breeze and otherwise catch up.

What’s particularly lovely about our community is how engaged everyone is in the nation and our projects. We have a handful of scripting projects going on to create new interactive animal arcologies. The Scientists are happily engaged in developing new and interesting scripts (thankfully) to help move forward my vision of nature sims full of animals, doing animal things in a peaceful environment. The Artists are off dreaming great dreams for new works. The Fashionistas (of whom I am one) are busily tweaking their lines and otherwise buffing up their stores.

Yuri’s new store is gorgeous. Her architect did an exceptional job with incorporating it into the island. I wish I were half so happy with my stores. Well, to be honest, I am very happy with my Departure store, which is built from a pair of pre fabs by the exceptionally talented ArchTx Edo. Everything about it expresses care and consideration, and it blends nicely into the land.

My main store, Prim & Proper, on the other had, I’m just not happy with. I discovered the architect had made a command decision based on his warped core values to sell as prefabs the custom textures and builds he developed for my flagship store. Needless to say, I couldn’t let my store appear to be a copycat, and that meant I had to overhaul it in situ. Along the way I discovered just what a bad builder he in fact is. How annoying! Eventually I’ll have to rip the entire build down and start afresh, but, not this month.

This weekend we have a Relay For Life benefit. We’ll have the usual free swag plus a bunch of pink goodies in the RFL vendors, plus the very talented Gabi Riel DJing. We’ve been being a bit remiss with the parties in Shengri La, but it’s so easy to get lost in the glory of the sun setting across Love or dipping behind Mount Joy that it’s tough to remember that we haven’t thrown a party recently. Judging from the interest of the other residents, though, I think that will be changing. We may even decide to have a fashion contest at some point. We certainly have the sim space for it.